Welcome to my SAP world

Hello World

My background is Microsoft Identity and Access Management product and Dotnet programming. Recently I picked up SAP to work on the integration of Microsoft programming with SAP. I found very little information out there. Its a mystery to me, one SAP consultant said “we are so busy that we do not have the time to blog”. Well, I like to blog, to write down my thoughts. In the time I have spent with SAP, I have learnt a lot about the product and have experiences to share, my direction will be ABAP and Dotnet programming and the integration of Microsoft Identity Management product with SAP.

If you are interested in my thoughts on Identity and Access management, my blogsite is over here.

So on the TLK Enterprise Starship, when I┬áset out on a new adventure, just before I engage Warp-drive, I say “Lets see whats out there” ===>>>>>

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