SOAMANAGER will not display on browser with SAP NetWeaver

You have activated all the required services, see blogpost. You have your setting correct. When you type in transaction SOAMANAGER in the easyaccess screen you get server cannot be found error message.


Change the HTTP port to 5000, NetWeaver sets the port to zero by default but your SOAMANAGER will not run with that port setting. It can be any free port, I just selected 5000.

You have to check the current port number using SMICM t-code

On the Easy Access screen, enter SMICM in command field of SAP easy access and hit enter

Click on Go to in the menu bar and then click on services

You can check the HTTP port from the resulting screen

By default HTTP port number is 0

You have to change this HTTP port to 5000

Check the HTTP port and on the top menu click Service\change

Change to 5000

Click the check button

Go to the easy access and enter soamanager

For Webservice/SOAManager, the server name must be in FQDN. My server was initially a stand alone but I joined it to my domain to give it an FQDN. Change the http name to the FQDN so change



else it will not work.

Log into the Soamanager


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